Corporate Retreats

Discover new meanings and opportunities in business, and enhance team collaboration for better outcomes.

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Corporate retreat…

…is a process for a team of executives that takes place in seclusion and away from the noise of the city, in order to:

• Gain an external perspective on the internal processes of the team and the business

• Discover new opportunities for development

• Improve interaction and mutual understanding within the team

• Make decisions that are qualitatively different from those that could be made in the usual working environment

Ultimately, the goal of a corporate retreat is to help teams and businesses become more efficient and productive.

Corporate retreats are necessary:

at the beginning of a new project or initiative

to help the team achieve a strong start

after a period of intense work

to provide employees with an opportunity to recharge and refocus

When the team is working on new or complex tasks

to provide space for generating ideas and unconventional solutions

when there is a tense atmosphere or communication problems within the team

when the team is going through organizational changes or restructuring

when the team is geographically dispersed and needs to create a sense of cohesion

Corporate retreats provide a breakthrough, transformation, and team conversion in 5-10 days of intensive integral work in the context of nature.

How is this achieved?

Silence and meditation create an opportunity to hear intuitive insights.

Special joint group work practices create synergistic effects within the team.

Working with the shadow aspects of the team helps transform obstacles into resources.

Engagement with true feelings and integration of unused golden aspects lead to authenticity, organic business development, and the creation of a living system capable of evolving under any conditions.

Intensive immersion in unfamiliar, new practices creates a cumulative effect.

Responsibilities of a Facilitator:

• Conducting group discussions and activities to facilitate team goal achievement

• Supporting the team, including assisting in conflict resolution and decision-making

• Ensuring that the team stays on track and does not focus on extraneous details, moving towards its goals

• Assisting in the creation of action plans or other subsequent steps to ensure that the work done during the retreat continues after its completion
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Depending on your objectives and the current state of the team, we will suggest a suitable venue for the retreat that will include:

  • a safe environment, peaceful surroundings, and clean air
  • a practice room equipped for activities and discussions
  • high-quality food

Composition of participants

The possible number of participants ranges from 3 (board of directors, co-founders) to 150 (top management of a global company, all regional department heads).

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The venue was carefully chosen in advance, according to a professionally planned action plan, rather…

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