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Bring leaders together around the company’s goals.

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Team Coaching…

…is a process that aims to enhance the management of a company. It is used when the current behavioral strategies are not achieving the desired goals, and it also helps to create commitment and responsibility among the team members. The ultimate goal is to bring about changes in processes that will lead to improved performance and outcomes.

Who participates in team coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions are usually attended by the top executives and top-managers of the company. However, in some cases, coaching may be required for project teams or specific departments.

It’s essential to involve all key employees who have the authority, power, and influence to make decisions that impact the company’s overall performance. By doing so, the coaching process can be more effective in addressing the issues and achieving the desired outcomes.

When is team coaching necessary?

When a team is newly formed and its goals and tasks are not aligned.

When a team’s performance is below expectations.

When a team is stuck and requires non-standard solutions.

When there is disunity within a team, leading to conflicts.

When there are difficulties with communication or communication breakdowns.

When a company is undergoing significant changes.

When a new project requires synchronization and involvement.

When a team is facing tasks that they have not encountered before.

When there is a need to develop leadership qualities and improve the team’s interaction skills.

What Does Team Coaching Provide?

Team coaching provides a comprehensive solution to three types of challenges: 

Type 1: Finding solutions to issues being discussed, regardless of the topic. These solutions address systems, technologies, competencies, quality of interaction, and motivation. 

Type 2: Sustainable implementation of agreements reached under these conditions into the company’s actual practices. This improves team cohesion and motivates the team to implement the decisions made. 

Type 3: Developing participants’ leadership skills and acquiring new knowledge and skills in management. Additionally, there is an exchange of best practices when searching for important solutions and discussing real problems.
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Этапы работы

As a rule, our coaching process consists of 4 stages:

Step 1:

2-3 individual meetings (60-90 minutes each) with company leaders to define goals, identify existing constraints, and determine areas for development.

Step 2:

Individual coaching sessions (30-40 minutes each) with key members of the team to align goals and conduct initial diagnosis.

Step 3:

Group coaching session(s) (2 days for 8 hours each, or a series of sessions with a minimum of 4 hours) to work on team dynamics and problem-solving.

Step 4:

A final feedback session (90 minutes) with company leadership to discuss project outcomes (within 10 days after each team session).




• Identified priority tasks


• Results of conducted research in diagrams, descriptions, conclusions, and solutions


• Identified “strong” and “weak” sides of the team and organization with agreed assessment


• Formulated documents, such as a list of strategic initiatives, vision, mission, values, manager’s code, etc.


• List of ideas — what can and should be done on key issues


• Formed working (project) groups that will continue to work on identified tasks


• Consensus on controversial issues


• Exchange of information, experience, best practices


• Alignment of goals of the participants and organization


• Resolved conflicts


• Understanding of their place in the group, their areas of responsibility, and authority


• Identification of development areas for individual employees and the team as a whole


• Motivation to achieve goals

Our Team

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Aleksandr Savkin
Founder of Integral Way, executive coach, certified Shadow Work® facilitator, business partnership mediator
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Marina Danilova
Co-founder and managing partner of Integral Way company, executive coach
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Tatiana Barausova
Executive Coach, business coach, organizational development session facilitator, LDF-authorised consultant (Harthill Leadership Development Profile)
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Filipp Guzenyuk
Partner at Integral Way, executive coach, Head of the Strategic Consulting department, conflict mediator
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