4200+ hours
Individual consulting
5600+ hours
Working with groups

О консультанте

Executive Coach, supervisor, organizational and strategical development session facilitator, сoach master

Certified Hogan Assessment System debriefer (Team, Judgement, Flash)

Certified Shadow Work® facilitator

LDF-authorised consultant (Harthill Leadership Development Profile)

Coach supervisor since 2016 — over 660 hours of supervision

Experience as an executive and HR director — over 15 years


  • Individual coaching
  • Team coaching, facilitating organizational development sessions
  • Feedback sessions after 360, HOGAN and other assessments
  • Debriefing based on Leadership Development Profile results
  • Supervision for managers
  • Supervision for coaches
  • Mentoring for coaches and strategic sessions facilitators
  • Training on non-directive management, coaching management

Groups of clients

  • Industrial holdings
  • Multi-functional holdings
  • Banks (department and functional teams)
  • Marketplace teams
  • Internal corporate coaches, Agile coaches
  • Startups
  • CEOs, deputy CEOs, department directors, division managers

Common client challenges addresssed

  • Strategy sessions: formulating and refining the business vision, identifying and formulating team values, clarifying and formulating the company’s mission, and developing a strategy
  • Top team alignment sessions — aligning teams to achieve goals
  • Improving the effectiveness of team collaboration to solve joint tasks and projects
  • Conflict mediation, resolution of tensions between top managers, and feedback sessions
  • Finding joint effective solutions, including process optimization
  • Developing non-directive management in teams
  • Developing soft skills
  • Preparing for a new position and supporting adaptation to a new role
  • Assisting with adaptation to rapidly changing conditions and making decisions in uncertainty

Additional areas of expertise

  • Corporate culture: design and support of changes
  • Project management: design and support of processes and teams
  • Corporate communications: updating, design, and support of changes within the team, with external and internal partners
  • Personnel management: support for changes, development of managers and specialists in personnel management, creation and development of corporate training centers, personnel assessment, development of HR brand


Irina Tarasova, Faeton

Andrey Rybakov, Data solutions

Svetlana Makletsova, Media Bureau Status Presence

Alikhan Dergizov, Chechen Mineral Waters

Example projects

2 years of supporting the CEO of the manufacturing business and his top team.

Results: annual revenue increased from 30% to 100%, the top management team reviewed and accepted 3-5 year goals, operational management was restructured, and regional expansion is being carried out.


6 team alignment sessions for a multifunctional holding company. Objectives: increase trust among the top team, increase proactivity in decision-making among business unit directors.

Results: rules for interaction and decision-making were formed and decomposed into teams, change and mutual support teams were created. The level of tasks solved by directors has noticeably improved.


Support for the top team (IT business). Two team sessions.

Results: a strategy until 2025 was formed, strategic projects for 2021 were identified, and roles and responsibilities in the top team were clarified.


10 hours of individual coaching with the department head of a large bank. Objective: finding a development vector for the department for 5 years. Determination of priority development areas for the department, development of internal resources to achieve results.

Results: a department development strategy for 5 years was approved and decomposed into all units. An individual development plan (IDP) was formed, and difficulties in working with colleagues were resolved.


18 hours of individual coaching with the head of the personnel development and training department (large production and trade holding).

Results: successful completion of the probationary period in a new position, transformation of the management role, which allowed the implementation of new level federal projects for the company.


2021, 2022, 2023

Basic Facilitator Training Shadow Work at the Association of Facilitators “Shadow Work®

Advanced Facilitator Training Shadow Work at the Association of Facilitators “Shadow Work®

“Voice Can 3.0”, course in public speaking and presentation skills


Training in Agile methodologies, ICAgile Certified Professional ICP, Coaching Agile Transitions certificate


Hogan Team Assessment training 2019 — Coaching supervision training, Russian School of Coaching


Training “Nonviolent Communication” by Eva Rambala at the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)


“Seekers After Truth”, Comprehensive Program — Seminar on the Psychology of Enneatypes at the Naranjo Institute


Joseph O’Connor Coaching Supervision Academy


Course Psychodrama for practicing coaches at Institute of Psychodrama, Coaching and Role Training


Modern technologies for the development of people and organizations, psychological counseling at Coaching Institute

1999– 2001

MBA at Moscow International Higher Business School “MIRBIS”


International Business Communications at Institute of Commercial Management, UK


Marketing, Marketing Management at Institute of Commercial Management, UK


Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems, postgraduate studies


Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems, specialization in engineer-systems engineering



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Yuliya Titova
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Andrey Rybakov
Owner, Data Solution Company
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Elena Godyaeva
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