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Integral Way

We help leaders and teams achieve their goals, identify effective solutions, and successfully adapt to changing conditions.

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Our aim is to help your company integrate an effective strategy into its day-to-day operations, so that it becomes a living, breathing part of the organization rather than just a multi-page document. To do this, we will work closely with top-level managers to inspire and motivate them to take ownership of the strategy and ensure its successful implementation.

If you feel stuck in your personal or professional development and your usual approaches to achieving your goals aren’t working, we can help you transform yourself in a positive and empowering way. Our goal is to equip you with the skill of self-transformation, enabling you to confidently navigate any future uncertainties or challenges that may arise.

We will assist you in creating a team environment that fosters the development of employees’ potential and enables them to showcase their strengths, resulting in increased operational and organizational efficiency for your business.

As the business environment evolves, companies must adapt and respond to new trends. However, successful company-wide changes require employee support and a clear understanding of their purpose. Our team will assist help you foster a smooth and efficient transformation process by involving all stakeholders in reaching the goals of the changes.

Conflict can sometimes serve as a catalyst for change. Our team will help you minimize financial, human, and emotional losses by facilitating an agreement between conflicting parties and turning the situation into an opportunity for the company’s growth and development.

We will assist you in turning your company’s mission, values, and vision  which are maybe currently just impressive statements on your website  into a practical tool that can be used to make management decisions, drive company development, and achieve rapid growth.

By partnering with us and utilizing modern methodologies and technologies, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock your personal potential, develop skills to make sound strategic decisions, and create a path to achieve your growth and development goals.

Our team will assist you in enhancing collaboration within your management team by boosting trust levels, teaching you how to synchronize departments, utilizing conflicts as an opportunity for growth, and increasing levels of mutual responsibility and accountability. Ultimately, our team will guide you in fostering a collaborative culture where everyone shares a common understanding and works together to achieve a shared goal.

About us

Integral Way

Integral Way is a consulting and education company that helps leaders and teams:

• Achieve ambitious goals quickly and effectively

• Efficiently identify and implement optimal solutions

• Realign in changing conditions

• Strategize to achieve goals and overcome challenges

• Foster holistic and sustainable growth and development

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Our Team

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Aleksandr Savkin
Founder of Integral Way, executive coach, certified Shadow Work® facilitator, business partnership mediator
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Marina Danilova
Co-founder and managing partner of Integral Way company, executive coach
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Tatiana Barausova
Executive Coach, business coach, organizational development session facilitator, LDF-authorised consultant (Harthill Leadership Development Profile)
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Filipp Guzenyuk
Partner at Integral Way, executive coach, Head of the Strategic Consulting department, conflict mediator
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