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How to Achieve Business Profitability While Working No More Than 3 Hours a Day
The owner, actively involved in managing a manufacturing business for the past decade, faces the challenge of doubling net profit. This objective was set two years ago, and the owner diligently followed established business practices to achieve it.
4 minutes to read
How to "Switch Off" a Friend and "Switch On" a Leader?
How to “Switch Off” a Friend and “Switch On” a Leader?
The owner of a private medical clinic is overwhelmed with operational work, single-handedly generating 70% of the company's revenue. She works tirelessly, sacrificing her own well-being and personal time for the sake of the business. However, she realizes that her team perceives her more as a friend than a leader, resulting in a lack of discipline and dependency on her involvement in all processes.
4 minutes to read
New leadership
The top managers and leaders of the international company Faurecia underwent an assessment of the Leadership Development Profile (LDP) and, thanks to their work with the consultant from Integral Way, reached a new level. What did this mean for the company?
5 minutes to read
Sustainable Business Growth Through a Strong Team
Integral Way consultants Olga Zueva and Marina Arnoldi conducted a series of sessions in a company operating in the food industry. Their expertise helped in establishing a strong top team and their work significantly contributed to the business's development. Find out more about their successful collaboration in this case study.
6 minutes to read
Coaching Program for Top Executives and Key Employees of Raiffeisenbank’s IT Directorate
How to build a strong, cohesive team that can effectively overcome various challenges? How to unite and solidify a team of 800 people?
4 minutes to read
When You Are Stretched Too Thin: How a Lack of Trust Impedes Business Growth
How can you break free from day-to-day operations and reclaim time for strategic tasks? How to cease shouldering the entire burden and embrace delegation?
3 minutes to read
Not perceiving a role within the Holding but ultimately launching 4 successful projects
A prominent Holding acquired a thriving IT company, RED (names altered). The aspiration was to achieve a 15-fold growth for RED within 10 years. However, RED proved unprepared for our client's ambitions.
4 minutes to read

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