Aleksandr Savkin

6235+ hours
Individual consulting
6410+ hours
Working with groups

О консультанте

Founder of Integral Way, executive coach, business partnership mediator

Co-author of "Integral Coaching" and "The Shadow as a Resource" books

Certified Shadow Work® facilitator

The Association of Russian-Speaking Coaches member since 2017

Working in organizational consulting since 1994

Specializing in the individual development of founders, board chairmen, CEOs, and department heads as well as the group development of management teams


  • Individual coaching for top managers and owners
  • Transformational development for top managers and owners
  • Team coaching, strategy sessions, organizational development sessions, facilitation
  • Development and implementation of corporate and open programs (business psychology, team leadership, emotional competence, etc.)
  • Developing leadership skills trainings
  • Motivational speeches
  • Structural and organizational constellations
  • Shadow work (individuals and organizations)

Common client challenges addresssed

  • Development of personal and company vision
  • Preparation and adapation for a new role
  • Resolution of conflicts among co-owners, directors, shareholders, and top managers
  • Enhancement of personal effectiveness and stress resilience


Platon Chebotaev, Vice President Building & Industrial Glass, AGC Glass Europe

Vasiliy Selivanov, Founder, LEGENDA Intelligent Development

Lukasz Babuska, Vice President, Faurecia

Example projects

Organizational development session (Borlas)


  • Created a strategy for interaction across international departments
  • Established clear directions for communication development within the company
  • Identified and defined specific tasks to be completed, determined appropriate tools for executing the identified tasks, assigned responsible parties for implementing the strategy and completing the tasks


Outdoor session with the involvement of Western specialists (Amina Nolan, USA) to develop a mechanism for  effective collaboration and self-development as a team (AGC)

Result: As a result of the session, the team successfully established a coordinated working process without requiring direct intervention from their remote manager.



Leadership Development Profile authorization programm for LDF-authorised consultants at Harthill, UK


“Seekers After Truth”, Comprehensive Program – Seminar on the Psychology of Enneatypes at the Naranjo Institute


“Shadow Work” — Training Course of the association of Facilitators “Shadow Work®”


“Journey into the Group Unconscious” at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Counselling, “Harmony”


“Modern Concept of Studying Psychological Trauma”, Seminar at SPBPO


“Family Constellations” and “Organizational Constellations” at НОУ ИКСР


“Integral Consulting Life Cycle” (Full Course) at DanaCarmanIntegral, USA


“Procedural Memory. Paradoxes of Change in Gestalt”, Seminar within the program of II International Stage VEGI, Eastern European Gestalt Institute, by Professor Todd Burleigh (USA), the Senior Trainer at GATLA


“The Art of Living with Intent”, Leadership Program, Certificate Course of Leaders, AVP (Mexico)


Course on Psychodrama by Hamid Pezeshkian at the Institute for Positive Psychotherapy, Wiesbaden


Practical Psychology of Personnel Management at SPBU


Preparation of Social and Psychological Programs Trainers at the Institute of Training


Two-Year Basic Training Course in the Theory and Practice of Psychotherapy and Counselling at SPB Advisory Initiative, London, UK


Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics at LSU Zhdanov



Oksana Lavrentyeva
Owner, Rusmoda Company
Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a training session led by Alexander Savkin, titled “Shadow as a Resource”. This...
Boris Baklazhenko
Customer Service Manager, QIWI
The objective at hand was to formulate a vision for the advancement of customer service within the next 1-3 years...
Head of a department at a bank
With the objective of enhancing my effectiveness, I approached Alexander’s coaching sessions. It was crucial for me to break free...
Vladimir Bakuteev
CEO, LiveTex
I sought the guidance of a coach with the intention of gaining clarity on my goals, devising a strategic plan...
Manager, Construction holding
To be completely honest, I was not expecting the remarkable outcome that emerged from our collaborative work. I had reached...
CTO, Telecommunications company
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for orchestrating such a dynamic and invigorating event for the team of...
Vasiliy Selivanov
CEO, LEGENDA Intelligent Development
Having worked with Alexander for some time, I was already acquainted with the retreat location due to my participation in...
Aleksandr Goncharov
Chairman of the Board of Directors, SYNERGY CAPITAL GROUP
Review of the Individual Retreat with Alexander Savkin Participating in the unique individual retreat led by Alexander Savkin proved to be...
Director of Marketing and Communications Management at a bank
The primary objective centered around unraveling the means to fulfill my untapped potential. While cognizant of my desires, I found...
Pavel Yaroshevskiy
Logistics Director
My impression of the coaching provided by Alexander can be summed up in one word: superb. He guided me through...

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