Meeting Facilitation

Ensure effectiveness, manageability, and engagement of all participants at your meetings.

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…is the process of organizing and conducting meetings in a productive and efficient manner. The goal of facilitation is to help a group achieve its objectives and make progress in addressing important issues.

Facilitation is necessary when:

The task at hand is being addressed for the first time and there is no established process or protocol to follow.

The team needs to make a decision together.

The group is working on a complex issue that requires careful discussion and decision-making.

There are many stakeholders or points of view that need to be taken into account.

The team needs to stay on track and manage their time effectively.

Active engagement and accountability by participants is required for successful outcomes.

Conflicts or disagreements arise during discussions.

Why a facilitator is needed:

The role of a facilitator is to create an environment that promotes effective communication and collaboration among participants and to help the group achieve its goals efficiently and quickly.

A facilitator is not responsible for making decisions on behalf of the group, but rather helps the group find their own solutions in a spirit of cooperation and engagement.
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What You Will Get

After a meeting with a facilitator, you will notice:

• Improved communication and collaboration between team members

• Better decision-making and problem-solving

• Increased company interest and commitment

• A more positive and respectful work culture

• Increased engagement and trust among all team members

At the end of the meeting, participants receive a specific, clear, and documented result with a list of responsible persons with whom they can work to achieve their goals. By conducting structured and effective meetings, companies help teams work more efficiently, leading to better solutions. Facilitation also creates a positive and inclusive work environment that benefits both individual team members and the organization as a whole.

Our Team

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Aleksandr Savkin
Founder of Integral Way, executive coach, certified Shadow Work® facilitator, business partnership mediator
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Marina Danilova
Co-founder and managing partner of Integral Way company, executive coach
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Tatiana Barausova
Executive Coach, business coach, organizational development session facilitator, LDF-authorised consultant (Harthill Leadership Development Profile)
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Filipp Guzenyuk
Partner at Integral Way, executive coach, Head of the Strategic Consulting department, conflict mediator
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