Filipp Guzenyuk

13500+ hours
Individual consulting
5150+ hours
Working with groups
Strategic Sessions

О консультанте

Partner at Integral Way, executive coach, head of the Strategic Consulting department

Working in consulting since 2004

Author of the “Happiness in Action” project

Conference speaker: "Business Case of the Year", "NoGuru Forum", "Reforum Winning The Hearts", "Business with Meaning", "Love What You Do", "Incredible Edge" (New Zealand)

Specializing in the individual development of founders, board chairmen, CEOs and heads of departments as well as the group development of management teams


  • Corporate change management programs, strategy sessions, organizational development sessions
  • Individual coaching for top managers and business owners (english, russian)
  • Group coaching for executive and project teams (english, russian)
  • Interactive corporate conferences (OpenSpace, WorldCafe, AppreciativeInquiry, etc)

Groups of clients

  • Founders, board chairmen, CEOs
  • Heads of departments
  • Investors

Common client challenges addresssed

  • Development of the company’s strategic vision
  • Mastering a new position or a new level of management
  • Increasing personal effectiveness and stress resistance
  • Achieving ambitious targets and plans
  • Building a management team and a structure for managing departments


Igor Kelim, President, Biulleten Nedvizhimosti

Eduard Tiktinskiy, Owner, Chairman of the board of directors, RBI Group, Founder

Aleksandr Zhilov, Executive director, SELVIM

Organizational development session series for the “ILIM” group. Support provided for the development and implementation of the company’s strategy, top-team-alignment project, and a series of sessions on the development of individual function strategies.

The Change Management Project at MIF company in 2016-2017. Over 8 strategic and organizational development sessions were held. Personal coaching was organized for company executives. In 2016, the company’s turnover grew by 50% in a declining market.

A series of management team development sessions for top managers at International Paper company. Result: The top team was adapted to changing conditions and, according to participants’ evaluations, made a significant contribution to the company’s financial success.

The “Happiness in Action: Sources of Energy in Work” program. From 2008 to 2022, the program was conducted more than 300 times in both open and corporate formats, and over 15,000 managers have participated in the program since its existence.



Training in Agile approaches and system, ICAgile Certified Professional Certification (ICP)


Leadership Development Profile authorization programm for LDF-authorised consultants at Harthill, UK


Embodied Practitioner, MetaIntegral, USA — a program in integral consulting


TetraDynamics, MetaIntegral, USA — “Integral Consulting Training Program”


“Matrix Leadership” by Amina Knowlan at Matrix Leadership Institute,USA

Harthill Consulting — Alchemist Workparty “Сreation of Research Communities”

Max and Ellen Schupbach — “Strategy and vision at an angle of 721 degrees”

Victor Sanches, USA — “Practices of working with the intent of Mexican Indians”


Pacific Integral, USA, together with Coaching Institute — series of seminars for consultants — “Applying an integrated approach to work with organizations”, “Polarity management”


Babson College, USA — Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators — Russia “Training and development of entrepreneurs”


Professional Retraining Course at Coaching Institute, St. Petersburg — specialized in “Coach Consultant” and “Business Coach”


Trondheim University, Norway — Strategic international marketing program


Higher Education at the Faculty of Economics in St. Petersburg State University — specialized in “Economist and “Teacher of Economics”



Maksim Buldakov
Head of Distribution-Retail Business for Russia and Eastern Europe
Following the session, a remarkable shift transpired, aligning us with our clients and fostering a unified commitment towards a shared...
Hosts of the "Practicum for Directors" program
The training conducted by Philip Guzenyuk, titled “Happiness in Action: Sources of Energy in Work,” holds tremendous value within our...
Igor Dubov
Head of Competency Development in Control Management projects at Leroy Merlin
Our company prioritizes the development of our employees, both professionally and personally. Our managers attend 2-4 training sessions annually, where...
Senior Managing Director of a bank
Dear Filipp Victorovich, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to you for delivering an interactive master class to the...
Veronika Yankovskaya
PR Manager, Agroprosperis
When we initially considered organizing an event for managers who had invested their own funds in our Group’s businesses, we...
Elena Gafforova
Director of the School of Economics and Management at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU)
As the organizers of the 12th Far East HR Forum, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for your...
A.S. Martynov
Head of Learning and Development Department at OTP Bank
I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for conducting the “strategic session of competence development.” I am particularly impressed...
Artyom Stepanov
CEO, MIF Publishing House
Prior to our initial strategic session with Filipp Guzenyuk, the realm of team building and group dynamics remained largely overlooked...
Chairman of the board of directors of a bank
My request focused on enhancing my personal effectiveness. Through the coaching sessions, I underwent a profound exploration of my fears...
Eduard Tiktinskiy
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Founder and Owner, RBI Group
Our collaboration with Filipp has proven to be immensely advantageous for both myself and my company. Filipp is an extraordinary...
Aleksandr Zhilov
CEO, SELVIM Pharmaceutical Company
Three years ago, I had the privilege of meeting Filipp when he led a strategic session for our company. From...
Natalya Tuzova
CEO, VES-Media
For several years, we had been conducting strategic sessions with a modest number of participants, typically not exceeding 30 individuals...
Deputy CEO for Personnel Management at a bank
During our directors’ club sessions, our typical agenda revolves around discussing pertinent business matters, exchanging experiences with fellow colleagues, and...

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