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Unlock your potential and learn how to make the best decisions with the help of our team of professional consultants.

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A coach can help you if:

You are facing complex and challenging tasks that require a non-standard approach.

You want to improve your performance and increase efficiency.

You feel you have untapped potential and want to express it in your life.

You have many ideas but struggle to prioritize them or evaluate them independently.

You experience inner conflicts when making important decisions.

You are seeking new ways and meanings of development as old ones no longer interest you.

You want to balance your life and allow different aspects of it to develop in harmony.

You need to understand the reasons for your failures and turn problems into resources.

High levels of uncertainty make it difficult for you to make decisions quickly.

Coaching helps you identify your true goals

Through collaboration with a coach, you learn to turn these goals into a reality by searching for and applying new behavior strategies, gaining insights that provide motivation to change, and utilizing “small, inexpensive experiments” to create new experiences and learn from them.
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What is the role of a coach?

Creating a safe space through non-judgmental presence. During a coaching session, clients can allow themselves to be different  imperfect, open, or vulnerable.

Helping clients discover what they did not notice before. By gaining a complete picture, they can make a better choice for themselves.

Supporting clients in their new endeavors. As a guide, the coach walks alongside them, providing encouragement and helping them move forward consciously.

Helping clients overcome obstacles on the path to transformation. When a person starts to change, the external system begins to resist. The coach is the one who helps to overcome this “headwind” on the way.

Our Team

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Aleksandr Savkin
Founder of Integral Way, executive coach, certified Shadow Work® facilitator, business partnership mediator
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Marina Danilova
Co-founder and managing partner of Integral Way company, executive coach
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Tatiana Barausova
Executive Coach, business coach, organizational development session facilitator, LDF-authorised consultant (Harthill Leadership Development Profile)
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Filipp Guzenyuk
Partner at Integral Way, executive coach, Head of the Strategic Consulting department, conflict mediator
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