5600+ hours
Individual consulting
20000+ hours
Working with groups

О консультанте

Executive сoach, organizational development session facilitator, training program methodologist

Member of The Association of Russian-speaking Coaches


  • Team coaching, organizational development sessions, facilitation
  • Coaching and non-directive management style training
  • Individual coaching for top officials

Groups of clients

  • Top managers
  • CEOs and managers and Heads of departments
  • HR partners and Heads of HR departments

Additional areas of expertise

  • Conflict mediation
  • Building mutual understanding within a team
  • Retail management
  • Employee training and development in a corporate university


Sergei Drobushko, Founder, Finbridge

Series of coaching sessions with the head of the commercial department of one of the divisions of an energy company Results: the winner of the “Most Effective Business Case” category at the “How to Do” conference


Series of strategic development sessions for Vodafone (Eastern Europe)

Results: new strategic directions for the Top Team’s development were outlined, a number of innovations were introduced, the company’s values, mission and vision were developed and implemented, and specific results on strategic projects were obtained


Comprehensive program of training and workshops on leadership development for directors of breweries and commercial functions at Heineken Brewery

Results: development plans for key leadership competencies were implemented


Comprehensive coaching training program for internal trainers at Cardiff Insurance Company

Results: increased loyalty in partner programs, increased sales through individual approach to training partner agents and building long-term relationships with clients


Series of coaching sessions with the owner of a telecommunications company (project duration: 1.5 years)

Results: introduction of a new service to the market and increased business profitability



Certification program “Leadership Transformation” by Harthill Consulting, UK

Training “Nonviolent Communication” by Eva Rambala at the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)


Training “Nonviolent Communication” by Eva Rambala at the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)


“Seekers After Truth”, Comprehensive Program — Seminar on the Psychology of Enneatypes at the Naranjo Institute


Seminar “Vertical development of leaders and teams” by Dana Carmen and Jesse Mackey at Meta Integral, USA


Training on integral consulting at Meta Integral, USA


“Matrix Leadership” by Amina Knowlan at Matrix Leadership Institute,USA


Series of seminars for consultants — “Applying an integrated approach to work with organizations”, “Polarity management” by Pacific Integral, USA, together with Coaching Institute


A series of seminars on the “Leadership Matrix” program by Amina Knowlan at Matrix Leadership Institute, USA


Course “A corporate session, conference, forum facilitation master” by Ludmila Dudorova — specialized in Master Facilitation at the International Association of Facilitators


Coaching Institute — specialized in Psychological Counseling (Coaching)



Elizaveta Druzhinina
Owner of a training company
Yana Melvil is truly exceptional in her field, demonstrating unmatched professionalism. She effortlessly combines the qualities of a business coach...
Tatiana Salminya
Director, IL DE BOTE Retail Network
Yana stands out as an exceptional coach and personal consultant, fearlessly making bold decisions. Her ability to engage the audience...
Olga Fyodorova
HR specialist
The most valuable aspect of my collaboration with Yana was not just the understanding, but the profound feeling of how...
Galina Stepantsova
When I initially approached Yana, my intention was to seek assistance in addressing a specific problem. However, our consultations proved...
Olga Povergo
Trainer, Consultant
Yana, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you. Your insightful questions, unwavering support, and exceptional skills as a...
Yuriy Kim
Project Manager, Berkut
Our collaboration encompassed a wide range of areas, including project-related tasks and enhancing personal effectiveness. The sessions we had were...

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