Svetlana Kokareva

5500+ hours
Individual consulting
3700+ hours
Working with groups

О консультанте

  • Executive coach, facilitator, supervisor, expert in the field of Vertical Leadership Development
  • LDF-authorised consultant (Harthill Leadership Development Profile)
  • Working in consulting since 2007
  • Over 12 years of experience in managing the legal department of a large scientific and manufacturing company


  • Individual coaching for top executives, senior managers, and middle managers
  • Debriefing of LDP (Leadership Development Program) assessment results and coaching support
  • Training and facilitation processes
  • Supervision for heads of departments
  • Supervision for coaches
  • Mentoring for coaches

Groups of clients

  • General and executive directors, deputy directors of large and medium-sized companies, including those in production
  • Leaders of commercial departments, procurement and sales departments
  • Heads of HR and training and development departments

Common client challenges addresssed

  • Adaptation to a new position (developing management competencies, expanding the scope of influence and responsibility)
  • Improving effectiveness of horizontal and vertical collaboration
  • Overcoming and preventing burnout, providing support to teams in this regard
  • Developing and implementing non-directive management, transitioning the team to self-organization

Additional areas of expertise

  • Communication — building relationships, interaction both within the company and with external partners
  • Increasing sales effectiveness
  • Nonverbal coaching: practices for effective presence and influence


Fatma Alieva, Founder and CEO, Women’s Health Center Femina

Aleksey Salkinov, Co-founder, GOC Dohodnyi Dom

Olga Volodkina, Administrative director, Europlan

Example projects

Creation of a Leadership Development Profile (LDP Assessment) for a newly appointed director of a production department in a holding company and a series of 10 coaching sessions

Results: the leader’s position was defined, which allowed for the successful achievement of all set goals, including the establishment of a delegation system within the department, the creation of a function development strategy, and a successful horizontal adaptation within the holding company’s Top management team.


10 coaching sessions with an executive director

Results: successful adaptation to the new position, including transformation of the leader’s management role and reconsideration of interaction principles with employees, which led to a personal effectiveness increase.


10 coaching sessions with a manager of a wholesale trading company aimed at increasing personal effectiveness and improving interaction within the department

Results: the manager revised their position as a leader, expanded the set of management tools, and improved the quality of interaction with colleagues (learning to negotiate more quickly and with less emotional effort)



“Systemic Therapy. Working with the Field” course by Irina Rosenberg


Certification course “Supervisor for Coaches” by The Association of Russian-speaking Coaches


Training in Agile approaches and system, ICAgile Certified Professional Certification (ICP)


Harthill Leadership Development Framework program for authorized consultants. Advanced level


Generative Approach to Changes. Generative Coaching by S. Gilligan, R. Dilts


“Nonviolent Communication” Training by Eva Rambala at the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)


“Seekers After Truth”, Comprehensive Program — Seminar on the Psychology of Enneatypes at the Naranjo Institute

Leadership Development Profile authorization programm for LDF-authorised consultants at Harthill, UK


Certification course “Nonverbal Coaching. The 5 Rings System” by Stuart Heller (MSHNK)


A series of seminars on the “Leadership Matrix” program by Amina Knowlan at Matrix Leadership Institute, USA


Integration Management Training “Leadership Embodiment” by Mark Walsh, UK


Cycle “Process Work, Spiritual Traditions” by Arnold&Amy Mindell


“Open Space Technology” methodology


Professional retraining course in “Psychological Consulting (Coaching)” at Coaching Institute, St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg Academy of Psychosocial Technologies, specialization in “Business Psychology”


St. Petersburg State University, specialization in Law



How to "Switch Off" a Friend and "Switch On" a Leader?
How to “Switch Off” a Friend and “Switch On” a Leader?
The owner of a private medical clinic is overwhelmed with operational work, single-handedly generating 70% of the company's revenue. She works tirelessly, sacrificing her own well-being and personal time for the sake of the business. However, she realizes that her team perceives her more as a friend than a leader, resulting in a lack of discipline and dependency on her involvement in all processes.
4 minutes to read


Olga Volodkina
Administrative Director of CJSC "Europlan"
I want to express my immense gratitude to Svetlana Kokareva for her work, for my personal development, and even for...
Head of Personnel Management
The main area that I worked on with Svetlana was business requests. Over the course of 6 months, we were...
Fatma Alieva
Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Women's Health Center "Femina"
Our work with Svetlana Kokareva was focused on two main areas: my clinic and my internal state. During our collaboration...
Oleg Kochemasov
CEO of Electroschit — Schneider Electric
I collaborated with Svetlana Kokareva for a period of six months. Following my transition to a new role in December...
Tatiana Almazova
Head of the Northwest University of Coaching, Coach, Business Consultant
Sessions with Svetlana are dynamic and productive. Regardless of the area we are working on — business, relationships, professional and...
Natalya Molchanova
President of the EGO Translating Group of Companies, Chairman of the Committee of the St. Petersburg Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs for International Cooperation
I express my gratitude to my coach Svetlana Kokareva. With my extensive experience working with different consultants (both personal and...
Vitaliy Sviridov
CEO of “7CVETOV” company
We express our gratitude to Svetlana Kokareva for conducting organizational development sessions and personal coaching for employees at 7CVETOV Northwest...
Head of a department in a bank
I approached Svetlana for help in finding hidden reserves to achieve team results. Although the goal of our work remained...
Anton Yakovlev
Founder and CEO of “Igramir” company
During the time that I worked regularly with Svetlana in coaching, my business and problem-solving abilities grew exponentially.  Initially, it was...
Natalya Nechaeva
Owner and CEO of “Grafskiy” real estate agency
I started working with Svetlana during a difficult period in my life when the world I relied on was falling...
Sergey Sherstobitov
Owner and CEO, Angara Company
I would like to express my gratitude to Marina Arnoldi and Svetlana Kokareva for conducting our strategic session. Our company’s...

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