Marina Arnoldi

1800+ hours
Individual consulting
3200+ hours
Working with groups

О консультанте

Coach-consultant, leader of practices for top managers "Dodzyo", facilitator of strategic sessions

LDF-authorised consultant (Harthill Leadership Development Profile)

Expert in fields of "Strategizing", "Vertical Leadership Development", "Antifragility"

In the profession since 2016 as a coach-consultant and facilitator of group processes

Management experience — over 22 years in foreign and Russian banks as a regional director

During the management career:

  •  Launched a business in St. Petersburg, formed a team from scratch, brought it to profitability and leadership in the field (a bank specializing in lending).
  • Reformatted the team, business processes, and products, brought it to the top three in the region in terms of volumes (a mortgage bank).
  • Managed crises with a team of 300 people in 2008 and 2014.


  • Individual coaching
  • Strategy development, team coaching, organizational development sessions
  • Training in non-directive management and coaching management

Groups of clients

Managers who are looking for new strategies for managing teams and their own lives

Common client challenges addresssed

  • Creating an effective, accountable, and cohesive team
  • Improving quality of life (work-life balance) through work on meaning and creating a long-term vision
  • Transitioning from an operational to a strategic management role in business
  • Forming a long-term vision, mission, and values shared by the entire team
  • Creating a company development strategy and a path to achieve it, with the whole team taking responsibility for it

Example projects

Individual support for 2 years for the director of the training academy of a state corporation

Results: the team and processes in the department were organized, and training programs were developed and implemented for factory directors


Individual support for a year for the owner of a trading company

Results: new development niches were found, the team consists of committed employees, and the transition to remote work was smooth with the continuation of generating and implementing new projects.


Individual support for 6 months for the deputy director for development in an IT company

Results: the client learned to make decisions based on three levels of meaning: oneself, the team, and the company. Learned to balance work and rest, and gained confidence in the role of a leader. The expertise shifted towards management, and the understanding of personal strengths improved.


4 strategic sessions for a team in the food industry: the team reviewed the responsibilities of each top manager based on the consultants’ recommendations.

Results: the team formed the information field, described the current situation, challenges, difficulties, tension points, and bottlenecks. They created a new responsibility matrix: who is responsible for which decisions and processes. They set tasks to discuss further, and saw the need for a change in the financial planning approach and a new financial model.



Master class “Crisis. Reassembly”


INTAGIO-VEGI project on working with groups at East European Gestalt Institute


Training “Nonviolent Communication” by Eva Rambala at the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)


Training “New Strategic Thinking” by A. Tsuker


“Seekers After Truth”, Comprehensive Program — Seminar on the Psychology of Enneatypes at the Naranjo Institute


Process-oriented therapy by Irina Zingerman at Process Work Center, USA

Seminar “Vertical development of leaders and teams” by Dana Carmen and Jesse Mackey at Meta Integral, USA


Professional retraining course in “Psychological Consulting (Coaching)” at Coaching Institute, St. Petersburg

2016, 2021

Training in Projective Techniques by A.L. Korobkin at Institute of Psychological Counseling “Novyy Vek”, St. Petersburg


“Contract system in procurement” Course by Guarantee International in collaboration with Sberbank-AST


“Project Financing” at International Banking Institute, St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, Economics and Law, specialization in Law


St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy, specialization in Theater management



Sustainable Business Growth Through a Strong Team
Integral Way consultants Olga Zueva and Marina Arnoldi conducted a series of sessions in a company operating in the food industry. Their expertise helped in establishing a strong top team and their work significantly contributed to the business's development. Find out more about their successful collaboration in this case study.
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Not perceiving a role within the Holding but ultimately launching 4 successful projects
A prominent Holding acquired a thriving IT company, RED (names altered). The aspiration was to achieve a 15-fold growth for RED within 10 years. However, RED proved unprepared for our client's ambitions.
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